Sewermorph Connectors

Dyson's Dodecahedron

This is the third set of sewermorphs – and decidedly the least exciting. In this set we focus on geomorphs where the sewer line just runs straight through the centre – no forks, no splits, nothing exciting except 100 feet of sewer across the middle of the tile.

2021 Sewermorphs - Connector Set
2021 Sewermorphs – Connector Set (1200 dpi)

Like the rest of the sewermorph set – these incorporate a change to the classic dungeonmorph design – adding two additional entrances in the central point of the top and bottom face of the tile for the sewer line. Those faces have to connect to other sewermorphs, while the other faces can connect to any standard dungeon geomorph.

2021 Sewermorphs - Connector Set
2021 Sewermorphs – Connector Set (1200 dpi, no grid)

And of course, we know who to blame for these new sewermorphs. While I came up with the design and format again (after a bit of experimentation), the…

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