D&D RULES CYCLOPEDIA (1991): Original Dungeons & Dragons Complete in One Book

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Mentzer / BECMI Dungeons & Dragons ran the gamut from Basic Rules all the way to the Immortals set. It was to be the final iteration of the classic D&D rules. One issue at the game table was that the rules were spread out over 9 rulebooks. The Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia filled the need for all the rules under one cover (Well, not the Immortals rules…)

The Cyclopedia was not aimed at beginners, but instead a reference volume for Dungeon Masters. It is comprehensive, covering 1st level characters all the way through the high level endgame. The Cyclopedia makes a fine resource for folks playing any edition of D&D who want to “Old School” their game.

Rules Cyclopedia

1991 … Aaron Allston … 304 pages (hardcover) … TSR 1071 … ISBN 1560760850

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The Cyclopedia became a collectible long ago. Careful with…

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