Oversized Sewermorphs

Dyson's Dodecahedron

This is the fourth and final set of sewermorphs for 2021. This set of three geomorphs includes a standard 10×10 geomorph (lower left) a 20×10 geomorph (takes up the space of 2 regular geomorphs – upper left), and a 30×10 geomorph (taking up the space of 3 regular geomorphs – right). Oversized morphs like these allow for larger structures or structures that span a regular gemorph’s break points allowing for designes you couldn’t do within a set of standard geomorphs. The downside of course is that they can’t fit on dice or the regular 10×10 cards.

2021 Sewermorphs - Oversized
2021 Sewermorphs – Oversized (1200 dpi)

Like the rest of the sewermorph set – these incorporate a change to the classic dungeonmorph design – adding two additional entrances in the central point of some faces of the tile for the sewer line. Those faces have to connect to other sewermorphs, while the other faces…

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