Retro Arcadia Top 10 Games of 2021

Retro Arcadia

Game Pass is just great, and single-handedly completely justified my jumping to Xbox after four generations of day-one PlayStations before it – just check out its mark on this list! Otherwise, the pair at the very summit might have just about clung on since my mid-year countdown, but plenty of exciting new imposters from there on in! And check out the little retro section down the bottom too – that homebrew scene will never cease to amaze me!

1. Resident Evil Village (Xbox Series X)

I wasn’t fussed about next-gen until the doors of Castle Dimitrescu were swept open in this game’s very first gameplay footage back in January, and we climbed the grandest of staircases under the grandest of chandeliers under the grandest of ceilings, and it was just the best-looking thing I’d ever seen in a game! That combined with the clear influence of Resident Evil 4…

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