Dragon’s Bend Game Report 12

Grumpy Wizard

My notes were a little sparse and my memory foggy since this session was a week and half ago. This one will be short and is probably not complete or 100% correct. I’m working overtime at the day job this week and don’t have much writing time.

Atticus, Cullen, and Ozrick accompanied by 2 draug warriors, Clancy the body slave, and Sam the birdman

  • The party returns to the hypogeum via the northwest entrance.
  • They explore a few side paths they didn’t take in their previous trip.
  • There is evidence of a secret door that had been used by the giant shadow bear thing.
  • The party finds the secret door and follows it to a side path. 10′ down the passage there is a pile of armor and a sword rusted nearly to powder. The party avoids it and explores onward.
  • They come to a chamber with a statue of…

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