Games Beat in 2021


2021 is coming to an end tonight. Last year (2020) I beat about ten games in total — I say “about ten” because I included some questionable games like Fortnite and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Two Battle Royale games that I ended up being the last one standing a couple of times. Since that is the main goal in these games I counted it as “beating” those games. Also, I felt that eight games would have been too short of a list.

In 2021, I’ve almost doubled the number of games I beat in 2020. If I take out those two Battle Royale games, then I have more than doubled last year’s number. I even ended up re-beating one of the games on last year’s list. Below I have included all of the games I have rolled credits on (or beaten the main quests in) during 2021.

This list…

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