Hardcore V – Starthrower Dominance

The Order of Syncletica

I wish I’d wrote more often as I once did. I apologize; I find myself with far less time to do so. I guess I’ve actually been playing longer times. Between this and my real-life workloads (adding in my human procrastination), there hasn’t been a lot of time.

Priority is now set on the new Monk guide for a lateJanuary 2022 release. Now that the new Epic Destiny system is in place, with several new quests, gear and mechanic changes done, I feel more comfortable to get this done. Most importantly, I’ve played enough to get used to all the changes from my 2 year break. One change in the guide will be support for a few multiclass variations. More on this later.

So Hardcore Season V arrived in November and I immediately jumped in, feeling pumped up after surviving the ridiculously dangerous HC IV, which had incredibly deadly monster…

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