Syp’s gaming goals for January 2022

Bio Break

December 2021 in review

  • This felt like a fun and “full” month of gaming, even as the Christmas season made things far more hectic and busy than usual. I’ve been getting used to my Macbook, grabbed three titles from GOG (Spellcaster University, Baldur’s Gate 2 enhanced, Loop Hero), and snagged most of the 15 days of free games from Epic (notably Vampyr, Shenmue 3, and Mutant Year Zero).
  • In Lord of the Rings Online, my Captain worked her way through the Minas Morgul expansion and got to level 128, while my Treebeard Minstrel topped out at level 50 and got through almost everything in the base game. I also did a whole bunch of Yule Festival activities to get cosmetics for my minnie.
  • I ended up getting pulled back into Star Wars: The Old Republic in a big way. I experimented with some new characters but ultimately decided to…

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