Gamer Crash Awards: Game of the Year 2021

Gamer Crash

Part 4 of the annual Gamer Crash Awards is finally here! If you missed any previous categories, you can catch up with these handy links right here:

Well, here we are, the big one. The first day of 2022 brings with it the biggest award that I can give out: Game of the Year. As usual, the year brought us an absurd level of just amazing games and experiences, making this category extremely competitive.

Gamer Crash Awards

Before we jump in, just a reminder in case you missed it earlier. Below, you’re not going to seeeverything that was released in 2021, many of which you’d probably expect to see in a “Game of the Year” style list. I haven’t played everything. I’m one person with limited time so there are instances where I have to pick and choose what I’m going to devote my…

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