THARIZDUN: Session 1 – Brawl at the Entrance of the Black Temple

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Every New Years Eve at home we play a tabletop game. (Past NYE posts: 2020 ~ 2021)

This year I DMed the opening of Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun for my boys, and their uncles.

Players: No reading further.

Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun (WG4)

An Adventure Set on Greyhawk’s World for Character Levels 5-10″

1982 … Gary Gygax … 32 pages + double cover … TSR 9065 … ISBN 0880380020

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Tsojcanth’s Side Quest

Tharizdun begins in the Gnome Vale from the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. The party agrees to assist the gnomes against the depredations of a nearby warband of humanoids, which have occupied an old temple in the wilderness.

Gygax was experimenting a bit with Tharizdun. This AD&D module seems a reply to the treasure zoo dungeons that were common in the early days. Kick in…

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