Realism and Verisimilitude in D&D

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Happy New Year! Every year, for the month of January, I write a series of articles about Dungeons & Dragons that explores a specific topic. I’ve gone through writing adventures, creating NPCs, Multiclassing, and more. This year, we are going to talk about the realism of D&D, whether or not it’s a good thing, and how to connect to these fantasy worlds.

But first, what is Realism and Verisimilitude?


Realism, as I’m sure you can assume, is the attempt to make the fictional world and game mechanics more realistic. This game was built where the whole game was 4 steps, repeated in a never ending cycle.

  1. Arrive at Dungeon
  2. Kill Monsters In Dungeon
  3. Collect Monster Loot
  4. Use Loot to Kill Bigger Monsters

How to Create a Treasure Hoard in D&D 5e - Dungeon Solvers

However, throughout the decades of play, it has expanded to a completely secondary world, where you are often expected to treat your PC as a real…

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