Roleplaying a Human in D&D

The Nerdd

Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons, a game where you can be a great hero, from a fantastic world, doing unbelievable things. How do you want to play? You can be a short strong Dwarf, a wise graceful Elf, a huge and powerful Dragonborn, maybe a small clever Gnome, and we haven’t even gotten through the Core Rules!

You want to play a Human? Why? In a game where you can be anything, why be something you can be in real life?

Because they are Diverse, and they offer great Contrast.


The simplest reason someone might play a Human in D&D, is because they offer the most choices. In the Player’s Handbook, as well as most settings, each race has a particular culture, and fulfills a particular role both in the world, and in the party.

Dwarves might be from below the mountains, have an affinity for weapons and gemstones…

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