What Are My D&D Stats?

The Nerdd

In Dungeons & Dragons, you have an entire sheet full of numbers that describe your character. Everything from how hard you can hit, good you can sneak, and how much you know about different Religions of the world. All of these numbers, however, all come from 6 specific numbers. Your Ability Scores.

Strength. Dexterity. Constitution. Intelligence. Wisdom. Charisma.

Here's how to explain all 6 of D&D's 6 ability scores using only one tomato

These are the six most important quantitative aspects of your character, when it comes to a game about monster killing (other games have other aspects that are more helpful). We use these to get a comprehensive picture about the character you’ll be portraying in the game.

But what are your Ability Scores?

I have found three different methods to determine your score.

Dragon Magazine

Back in the day, July 1977 to be precise, there was a magazine called Dragon Magazine, which was published as a companion piece to the rising…

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