Book Review: Game Boy – The Box Art Collection

Retro Arcadia

As someone who has a thoughtfully defined list of favourites for pretty much everything that interests me, I caught myself by surprise recently when asked what’s my favourite console. Never thought about that one! And with very little time for further thought, I replied the original Game Boy. Is it really though? Well, a bit more thought confirmed probably – PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable (or PSP) and Game Boy Advance SP would also be in the running, and if I’m allowed them then the PC-Engine Mini and Sega Astro City Mini are too…

But I keep coming back to that groundbreaking little handheld that changed my life in late 1990, then kept me company through university, and kept me occupied through the 90% monotony of band tours, and I was still playing (albeit mainly Tetris and Tennis by then) after I’d got married and owned house number three and then…

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