SWORD & SHIELD (1992): Joust and Explore the Black Knight’s Castle in this old school D&D module

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Sword and Shield is a classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in the early-90s Thunder Rift campaign setting. S&S was meant to be a streamlined scenario, a return to D&D’s old school RPG style play. It would be a snap to port over into another location in the DM’s home campaign.

As the module begins, the PC receives an invitation to a tournament at the Black Knight’s keep. The brave adventurer goes — but with the intention of finding and rescuing an old woman from town who’s been captured by this mysterious warrior. […] During the adventure, the PC jousts against six warriors. Between jousts, the PC explores the keep, hoping to find the captive. The climax of the adventure is a fight between the Black Knight and the PC.

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Sword and Shield

1992 … John Terra … 16 pages + fold-out map + sheet of…

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