5e magic Item: The Wondermakers Key

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The Wondermaker’s Key

Wondrous Item, Legendary ( Requires Attunement by an Artificer)

The Wondermaker’s Key is a key created by a long-forgotten master artificer. The Wondermakers Key is tied to a specific demi-plane called The Wondermakers Workshop.

Quiescent. The Wondermaker’s Key grants the following benefits in it’s Quiescent state. 

  • The Wondermaker’s Key allows an attuned artificer to use the key as a spellcasting focus by transforming it into a +3 toolkit of the artificer’s choice.
  • The attuned artificer can cast Mend without using a spell slot.
  • The Wondermaker’s Key gives one additional temporary attunement to an uncommon or rare magic item while the artificer is attuned to the Wondermaker’s Key.

Vigilant. When the Wondermaker’s Key becomes vigilant, it gains the following properties:

  • While holding the key you can use an action to cast one of the following spells from it: Arcane Lock, Knock ,Tiny Servant, or Summon Construct. Once…

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