How Much is Gold Worth in D&D?

The Nerdd

Within a game of Dungeons & Dragons, the currency used is in Gold pieces, as well as Silver, and Copper (we don’t talk about Electrum or Platinum here). What’s better, at the end of a long dungeon, with a dangerous monster at the end, then to kick over a chest and have gold pieces spilling out, as well as expensive gemstones, and maybe some nice pieces of art, like a gold crown or a statuette. If you’re lucky, you might even find magical arms and armor as well. Treasure is great!

Treasure is only great, however, for it’s usefulness in being spent. You head back to town with your great pile of loot, hard won by grave robbing and killing, and you spend your spoils. How much can we get though?

When playing D&D, I’ve always had a hard time with contextualizing gold. On the one hand, some things…

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