The Five Hardest Fighting Game Bosses Ever Made

3rd World Geeks

Usually, getting to the final boss in a fighting game isn’t the problem. Beating the final boss, however, usually is. As fighting games were born from the arcades and made to munch on your quarters, they don’t play fair. Final bosses in fighting games have super damaging moves that come out in an instant, they can quickly move after doing a special move and the CPU will read your button presses so it can counter whatever you’re doing instantly. At times, you’ll wonder if it’s even worth beating them. Well, the answer is yes… most of the time. Just so you can get the satisfaction of beating their smug, input reading, cheating faces.

Before I go through my list of the hardest fighting game bosses ever, I did have one caveat when putting this list together and that is only one boss would be allowed per franchise. If I didn’t…

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