How NFTs, crypto, and metaverses are robbing me of gaming joy

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While some of this has been a while in coming, it honestly feels like overnight the whole gaming scene has gone bananas. And not in a good, “let’s plop some yummy ice cream down in the middle of you” kind of way. No, it’s more “soulless corporations jamming a six-gauge needle into the neck of gaming and sucking out its life force.”

Almost every third story I see pop up in the gaming sphere has to do with crypto, NFTs, or metaverses, and it seems like its getting worse. I don’t know what lit a fire under studio execs that these trendy buzzwords were the best way to sell out their companies in the pursuit of making a dubious buck, but a fire is raging all over the place. It’s like the gold rush of ’49, except that studios are rushing to capitalize on stuff that might well not have…

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