D&D Diary – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight – Session 6

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The Misfits conclude their aggressive negotiations with the fastest thief in the Fey and get embroiled in some Soggy political intrigue.

Witchlight cover titleWe’ve been stuck in this swamp for so long, I forgot that we all started with the circus.

When last we left our heroes, they had rescued the most honorable knight, Sir Talavar, who happened to be a fairie dragon trapped in a birdcage. Then we rescued him again when we found the right key to unlock said birdcage. Later, Shammer the fairy Wizard/Warlock/Owl-Wrangler died after a serious misunderstanding with some will-o-wisps. Fortunately, a deus-ex-monkeyna showed up in the form of a chimpanzee that we assisted back in Session 1, who was able to resurrect the fallen fairy.

Finally, we ran afoul of the fastest footpad in the Fey, in the form of Agdon Longscarf. He is a bunny brigand who’s wicked fast and wields a ripe-nasty branding…

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