The Game VS the Brand

Grumpy Wizard

A particular issue has invaded my thoughts over the last year. That issue is the direction that the Wizards of the Coast is taking the Dungeons and Dragons brand.

I’m reluctant to write about it. I make an effort to avoid the controversy of the week as it overflows its banks, flooding the internet with stinky thinking.

I don’t need the distraction. I’m very good at distracting myself from my work without any help.

What is Dungeons and Dragons for?

For me, D&D the game is about creating fantastic worlds, imagining deeds worthy of song and legend, and experiencing memorable moments with my friends. The words in the books, the maps, the character sheets, the play at the table… That’s Dungeons and Dragonsthe game.

As far as WotC, Hasbro and its investors are concerned, they have a different answer to the question “What is D&D for?” To make…

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