Roleplaying the Uncommon Ancestries in D&D

The Nerdd

In Dungeons & Dragons, you can play a plethora of races. Of course there’s Humans, which often gets overlooked for the more interesting races, like Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, or Half-Elf. But what about more uncommon races? The things that, in many settings, would stand out from a crowd? What is it like to play such an outsider? In my opinion, Uncommon Ancestries can be broken down into two groups, ones that still kind of look like people, and ones that straight up look like animals.

I also want to say, Roleplay is more than just a funny voice, and an accent isn’t even required if that’s not something you enjoy. Roleplay is about inhabiting the space of that ancestry or character, and how they are distinctly different from Humans, or even the Common Races. If you are going to play one of these races like a regular…

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