The Hex Tower Dungeons

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Hex Tower Dungeons
Hex Tower Dungeons (300 dpi promotional)

Beneath the hexagonal tower from Monday’s post are three sublevels – the basements directly below the tower, the more extensive dungeons a good 25 feet below that, and an old set of caverns in the depths. The same set of stairs that leads up through the tower is used to access all the lower levels as well.

Hex Tower Dungeons
Hex Tower Dungeons (1200 dpi)

The basement level is slightly smaller than the tower itself and is a pretty tight space used primarily for storage although there are also a pair of bunks down here for servants when guests are taking up too much space in the tower above.

The next level down is the dungeons. A pair of guard/gaoler rooms bracket the stairs here. Beyond them are a pair of doors leading to stairs further down and then to locked reinforced doors into the dungeons (and…

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