Beyond the Sword Coast: Daerlun

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In this post we”ll visit the rich merchant kingdom of Sembia, and specifically the city of Daerlun.

Sembia’s published origins are…interesting. Ready?

in the first edition Forgotten Realms boxed set, much of Sembia was purposely left blank to allow DMs a clean slate to create their own cities and NPCs on. That idea went out the window some time later, but that was the original intent. In the 2nd edition boxed set entry for Sembia, we get a bit of passive-agressive text from Jeff Grubb about TSR having to fill in Sembia a bit, and people getting upset about it. It’s a wonderful little piece of gaming history, as you’d never see something like that published in a D&D book today.

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 1.33.07 AM

Pretty wild.

Sembia is a rich merchant country in the western heartlands, on the northwest coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars, and neighbored by Cormy and the Dales…

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