“The Root Cellar”

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Root Cellar
The Root Cellar (300 dpi promo)

In a world full of dungeons and dragons, you never know when you are going to run into either of the above. In this case, here’s the root cellar under Grandmaman Crève-Cœur’s little hut. If one accepts a dinner invitation while visiting Grandmaman, odds are she’ll need something trifling for the soup, like just one more rutabaga or perhaps a leek. Fortunately, she says, she keeps a few spares in the root cellar. Just through that door there, dearie!

The Root Cellar
The Root Cellar (1200 dpi)

Beyond that door are stairs leading down into the cold dirt, and then down into stone… (The entrance stairs lead into the room in the centre of the map, just south of the room with the open grey square). At each landing as the stairs descend there are doors into various parts of the “root cellar”. Strange passages, massive chambers…

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