Vault of the Shadow Lich

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Vault of the Shadow Lich
Vault of the Shadow Lich (300 dpi promo)

The Warlock Rosedriah never got along with their patron in the dark arts and thus sought any and all means to extend their life in order to deny their eternal soul’s torment in the patron’s servitude. In time Rosedriah became a lich and after further ages explored new ways to keep themselves from losing their connection to the world. They stretched their existance out for so long that instead of becoming a demi-lich, Rosedriah became something new – a “shadow lich” – incorporeal magical darkness containing and powered by their malice and hatred of their patron.

Vault of the Shadow Lich
Vault of the Shadow Lich (1200 dpi)

No longer able to manifest physically, nor able to leave the vault that they created in the ages of their research, Rosedriah now possesses and slowly consumes people in order to experience life still – always worried that if…

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