Boss Rush Banter: Should the Next 3D Mario Game Be a Sequel to Super Mario Odyssey or Bowser’s Fury?

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After the huge success of Super Mario Odyssey, many fans and journalists speculated that Nintendo might make a direct follow-up. Sequels are rare for 3D Mario games, but it’s not entirely without precedent. Super Mario Galaxy was given a sequel, which suggests it’s possible that Super Mario Odyssey could receive the same treatment. However, in early 2021, Nintendo released an updated port of Super Mario 3D World that included a brand new 3D Mario experience, Bowser’s Fury. Bowser’s Fury took 3D Mario in a new direction, away from Cappy, by bringing back Shines and utilizing elements of Super Mario 3D World. This suggests Nintendo may instead be aiming for Mario’s next 3D adventure to be more similar to this newest iteration of the formula. Where will 3D Mario go next? Do you hope that a new game will be a follow-up to Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser’s…

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