Ranking Every Mainline Halo Game from Worst to Best

The Game Campaign

The Halo series holds a special place in my heart, and with the release of Halo Infinite finally here, I think it’s time that I open up and say definitively what my favorite games in the series are. I will be ranking these entries exclusively on their single-player content. Though I enjoy many of these entries online modes, I don’t play nearly enough of any of them to give a concise idea of their nuances online.

For instance, I really enjoyed Halo 5 online, but that was in 2016, and I have no idea what’s changed since then. I will judge them based on how fun their campaigns are, their story beats, and the musical accompaniment.

I will also take the remakes into consideration, but they will only be bonus points and will not have their own ranking. Here is my Halo ranking ranked from worst to best so let’s…

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