Boss Rush Banter: Who Else Likes Listening To Video Game Music?

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You’re getting in your car after having made all of the necessary preparations for a road trip. You have a cup of coffee—or your preferred beverage—and a snack. You start your car, pop in disc 4 from the Octopath TravelerOriginal Soundtrack and begin your journey towards your destination while the battle music begins playing. You can’t help but smile and feel good. The trip itself will be a joy!

A nerd am I, oh yes I am! I find video game music to be quite pleasant to the ears. Not only do I enjoy it during road trips, but also for short commutes, in addition to listening while I write. I am currently listening to “Rusty Ruins Zone Act 1” from the Sega Saturn version of Sonic 3-D Blast as I write this.

Video game music, in my humble opinion, shouldn’t be enjoyed only while playing video games. Consider…

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