Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (1987-92): The Gray Box brings Ed Greenwood’s world to AD&D 1e

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The Forgotten Realms had been hinted at for years in Dragon magazine articles by Ed Greenwood, but it was in 1987 that TSR officially adopted his long-running home campaign. All these years later, the Realms has been developed in exhaustive detail, but in ’87 all we really had was the Gray Box Forgotten Realms Campaign Set.

Greyhawk was adrift at this time, and Dragonlance had mostly run its course, so TSR chose the Realms as its default setting. The Gray Box reminds me a lot of the Greyhawk set: A pair of books with just enough information to get your imagination running, and a set of beautiful poster maps.

The Campaign Set saw a respectable 6-year print run. Even after the arrival of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd edition, the Gray Box soldiered on. Today we’ll take a look inside the set, and recognize the different printings and…

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