THARIZDUN: Session 3 – Let’s Take This Outside

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The party – fighting for their lives – still had yet to step foot into the first great room of the Forgotten Temple. Troll, gnoll, and norker corpses clogged the entrance where the party made its stand, and only the Giant Troll had survived, fleeing the hated flames.

But it was a pyrrhic victory. The characters were beat down and out of spells. Two of their gnome allies were fleeing.

This is Session 3 of my recap / walkthrough series of THE FORGOTTEN TEMPLE OF THARIZDUN (1982) by Gary Gygax. [PDF for $5 at DTRPG].



From the sounds coming up the stairs, more humanoids were on their way. They’d stirred up a hornet’s nest.

The characters recognized Norker grunts, leathery little hateful things that bite with 3″…

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