Age of Ashes #82: The Temple of All Gods

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In four(!) missing chapters of our tale, the party killed the leader of the Starved who were serving the dragon Veshumirix. They then proceed with their assault on the old Temple of All Gods, where they hope to defeat the Scarlet Triad leader Ilssrah Embermead. There they meet two dimensional wanderers who join their group. (-GM)

15th of Desnus, 4720 AR

Ilssrah Embermead

Our party picks back up in a room. A dark room. With Deku providing the only light in the party, the solemn adventures cast eerie shadows on the stone walls. After walking through several rooms, the party stumbles across a statue of the goddess of marriage. Normal Person investigates the statue, only to find rings around the statue. The party decides that the rings are a symbolof the goddess, and even though the party cautions him against it, Normal Person takes the rings as a gift from…

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