The Tyranny of the Spotlight Versus the Power of Multiple Independent Parties

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Conventional roleplaying practices are absolutely terrible. This recent exchange on the old Bird Box really demonstrates why:

Grumpy Old Grognard: Nobody has EVER reached level 20 in ANY of my campaigns. I have never let a campaign drag out that long. By the time you hit 14 it’s time to retire.

Andrew Hamblin: What is keeping a campaign from being that long lived, though?

Grumpy Old Grognard: Boredom. At level 14 you are a nearly indestructible lord of your domain. You have fought demons and dragons, saved the world, and led great armies in battle. At some point the creep gets silly. It’s time to retire those characters and keep them in the background.

Andrew Hamblin: Right but character retirement isn’t the same as ending a campaign.

Grumpy Old Grognard: No. But party retirement is, and that’s how it tends to go. When you draw up a new party they…

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