Hell’s Rebels #49: Out of the Sewers and into the Streets

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter, the leaders of the Silver Ravens tended to the wounded at the Ruby Masquerade then returned to their secret base, where they reassessed their situation. Public opinion was moving against Barzillai Thrune, and it was time to plan for an uprising! Their first order of business was to see what happened to one of their allies, the leader of the Rose of Kintargo, Hetamon Haace.

28th of Arodus, 4715 AR

After defeating the Naga and its gelatinous friends, we took a moment to look at its possessions.  It had hoarded a large amount of potions and magic items, we identified a few, but others stumped us.  I personally took a magical broom that I could fly on, and was quite happy at the prospect.  

Strea Vistori

We spotted a secret door in the side of the sewer and decided to go through.  We were met with…

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