The foggy future of World of Warcraft

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Well, for a game and a company that a whole lot of people have written off at this point, World of Warcraft and Blizzard are keeping the headlines on them as they make bold play after play. The studio cracked down on boosting rings (long past time), announced cross-faction instance play (ditto), and is prepping some features in Patch 9.2 and beyond that seem to be bending to community demands.

But even I, the great MMO prognosticator that I am, can’t determine if these are moves of desperation or a game setting a better course for the future. Honestly, WoW seems shrouded in this fog of mystery right now. Without any BlizzCon or big roadmap, all we know is what’s coming in the next big patch… and that’s pretty much it. Expansion? There’s probably one coming, but even that announcement is overdue. It’s certainly not going to hit this year…

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