My Top 10 Favorite Pokemon Games of All Time

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The Pokemon series was my absolute favorite as a kid, and I have continued to have a love-hate relationship with it into my adult life. It’s a series designed for kids, but it’s one that I seem to have a hard time letting go of completely. Every character and Pokemon brings up so many memories for me: Memories of friends, family, and even strangers that I was able to meet and bond over Pokemon with.

As a kid, nothing used to beat walking around my neighborhood with my GameBoy and a link cable looking for people to trade and battle with. I learned every kid’s name in my area that way, and it was great. But that was peak Poke-mania. There have been quite a few games since then, and I have some thoughts on which are my favorite.

A quick disclaimer: I will not be including the remakes in…

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