Rise of the Runelords #68: River of Blood

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

When we last left our heroes, the party encountered ogres trying to sabotage the dam. -GM

20th of Kuthona, 4707 AR

The dam hadn’t looked too good from the start — weird, hulking things, damaged stonework and weird skulls –but we had to pass. After killing off some strange monsters thathad two bodies combined, we went to cross the dam and our old friends came. Or charged across the dam, high on bloodlust.

It’s really not that different; a rain of spears is much worse. Bullets and cold steel are a great way to deal with close friends, especially orcs, and we had plenty of it.

After moving on, we found this weird housey thing. Guess what? Monster den! A wall of flesh and some Sword and Sorcery later, the battle was won and the adventures continued.

-Kraiton Utur (Theo)


Jail, tiefling inventor 10
Kiplan Boone, anadi gunslinger 9

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