Why Do I Love Swords & Wizardry?

Grumpy Wizard

Brian of Welcome to the Deathtrap posted a nice review of Swords & Wizardry Complete on his blog last week.

I’ll add my own thoughts about the game, why it has been my primary game for several years and some thoughts about why I think you might want to try it out.

Brian wrote a good overview of the game. If you aren’t familiar with it, I recommend reading his review.

Swords & WizardryComplete is a clone of the original rules plus the first supplements. It is a version of Dungeons & Dragons as it existed in 1978.

The game not for everybody. Below, I’m going to talk about how it leaves a lot to the referee to interpret and make rulings. This can be a pain in the ass. I’ve made some rulings that I had to unwind or alter the ruling for how something worked going forward…

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