Tomb of Annihilation #58: Guardians of Stone

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In five(!) missing chapters of our story, the party found many eye-sized colorful globes and used them to open a door and encountered a mighty beholder! The party descended into the fourth level of the dungeon and encountered a mirror of life-trapping, which produced several enemies… and allies, including a champion of the city of Omu. A mad scientist joined the party as well, who now continues their story. (-GM) 

13th of Flamerule (“Summertide”), 1493 DR

The party descended deeper into the dungeon, where they found a group of gargoyles, which had been mutated to gain an increase in size, as well as an extra pair of arms. The foul elemental abominations caused a great deal of trouble for the party, due to their infuriating tendency to fly far out of arm’s reach, leaving spells and ranged weapons as the only ways to harm them. It didn’t help that they…

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