Redford Citadel

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Redford Citadel
Redford Citadel (300 dpi, no commercial license)

Built on the highest hill to be found near the Red Ford across Shelfbel Brook, Redford Citadel is still a good half-mile from its namesake ford. The Citadel was built not so much to defend the ford as to track who and what is using the ford and to provide a safe stopping place for those travelling this deep wilderness.

Redford Citadel
Redford Citadel (1200 dpi)

The main structure of the citadel is a three-story construction with an offset tower that rises another level above. South of the main structure is a walled courtyard with a barracks and dungeon on the south wall. The ground level of the whole construction is over 25 feet above the hilltop proper and the gate is accessed by a long wooden walkway with three flights of stairs. While not well equipped for a real siege or magical / flying…

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