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Bringing things back to roleplaying games, I have been thinking a lot about what my specific flavour of game might be. The short version is that I think I am (at least right now) all about easy access and deep worlds.

Easy Access

Easy access games, as a concept, came to me through the excellent “Open Table Manifesto” from The Alexandrian:

An open table needs a system that’s easy to access. This does not, it should be noted, necessarily mean a simple system. Rather, an easy access system is one which allows players to start playing quickly.

thealexandrian.net: open-table-manifesto-part-2-what-an-open-table-needs

Through all the years of gaming, I have focused a very great deal on introducing new people to this wonderful hobby. While there are many great games I have enjoyed over the years, only a small subset of those are really easy for new players to access.

At the…

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