Player Character continuity is not a big deal.

Grumpy Wizard

Readers of my game reports may notice that characters come and go from session to session.

Players in my group can’t make every session. We play anyway. My general rule is that if two players can make it, we play. I have a set time every week that I run a game unless I am unable.

The game is for the players.

I play tabletop role-playing games because I like creating, I like the experience, the social interaction, and the mental challenge. The game is for me and my players to have a good time.

The game is not for the characters to have a story. It is for the players to play. We don’t worry too much about the continuity of which PC was where and what they were doing if someone can’t show up this week. We go ahead and play.

What is important to us is that…

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