Chainmail Comes to Trollopulous!

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The Joy of Wargaming channel has played out TWO TITANIC Chainmail battles that were produced by domain-level actors in the Trollopulous first edition AD&D campaign. First, some answers to questions we are getting on this. And then… THE VIDEOS. Enjoy!!

WHY ARE YOU USING CHAINMAIL WITH AD&D? — Because the Monster Manual assumes you will. Did you see how many Chainmail armies are broken down in this pages?!

BUT SHOULDN’T YOU BE USING BATTLESYSTEM INSTEAD — No, those rules came out way late in the game and they are not Real D&D. All you need to know about it is that it was written by the same guy that put together the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide. Gross!

IS THIS HOW JEFFRO WAS RUNNING MASS COMBAT LAST YEAR — No, my approach combined Chainmail’s 1:20 scaling with Swords & Spells’s average hit points and average damage concepts and every single combat rule…

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