Rise of the Runelords #70: Their Watery Tomb

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter, the party killed an initial group of trolls and descended deep into the dam. They met the trolls’ powerful leader… -GM

22nd of Kuthona, 4707 AR

The party continued their treacherous battle with the trolls. A thought crossed the minds of everyone in the party. Do we run? The uncertainty and fear poisoned their thoughts.

They were a tengu with a burning sword named Kraiton, a kobold with a deadly hand able to conjure hounds from hell and fire from the lakes in it named Ralramp, and a girl with a large spider she depended on named Jail. But one man stood up. His name was Kiplan.

“Why run? Why give in to the creatures that threaten our home? I say we fight!” And with that the fear lifted from the party.

All that remains were warriors doing whatever they could to save…

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