Crypt-o-Morphs, Set 2

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Twelve years ago I started posting Geomorphs to this blog. Twelve years. I posted the first geomorph to the blog at the end of October, 2009. Here we are in 2022 and I’m still posting new ones to add to the mix. These new geomorphs are, of course, the fault of Inkwell Ideas who will be launching a new DungeonMorph Dice / Cards campaign soon!

Crypt-o-Morphs Set 2
Crypt-o-Morphs Set 2 (1200 dpi)

This set of six geomorphs is all centred around crypts and tombs and associated structures (like memorials, preparation chambers, mausoleums, etc) Each geomorph (of which there are six here, for those new to geomorphs) can be connected to each other geomorph either in a grid format as they are laid out, or offset where you move each column or row (your choice) over by five squares so the two exits on one face of the geomorph connect to two different…

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