Trollopulous Reloaded Session 16: The Great Drow Panty Raid

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I showed up to the session 45 minutes late and it didn’t matter because the guys were (as usual) still talking about the entire campaign map and all the things we could do. This session is late at night for some of us, so we tend to press for simple out and back raids now.

We opted for the Ragnar group which included an assassin, a magic-user, a druid, a ranger/cleric, and a ranger. I egged people on to try to take out a fire giant, but cooler heads prevailed, and I was talked back down into settling for taking out some ogres.

One thing that was suggested was that if we just moved forward in time a bit, some other character would have time to train or something. The Trollopulous veterans all harumphed this down. #NotAtMyTable! (Or in this case, #NotAtMyDMsTable.)

Heading into the mountain terrain, the DM noted…

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