The Arcane Sinkhole

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Arcane Sinkhole
Arcane Sinkhole (300 dpi promotional)

Arcane waters have created a sinkhole above this cavern – one that has nearly consumed the ruins of an old homestead beside it. The old well at the homestead goes down to the arcane waters directly, but it is probably safer / wiser to head down using the stone stairs that seem to have formed of their own accord around the sinkhole that then lead into a damp cavern beneath.

Arcane Sinkhole
Arcane Sinkhole (1200 dpi)

The floor of the main sinkhole is scattered with debris from its formation, and narrow steps lead down from there into the twisting caverns beneath, joining to the cavern reached by the stairs (although the stairs aren’t that great either – a few steps near the bottom are missing). The lowest sections of the caverns are flooded with waters tainted by the energies here. Those drinking deeply from these waters roll…

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