Dragon’s Bend Game Report 18

Grumpy Wizard

Cullen, Atticus, Ozric, Quintus go back to the second level of Zeleska’s Hypogeum

  • The party snuck through the ruins on their way to the hypogeum. Cullen noticed a pile of rocks moving. It was some sort of earth elemental creature, roughly in the shape of a weasel with tufts of grass and weeds growing on its back and head. The party avoided it.
  • The party enter the 2nd level and enter the main room full of rotting hyena-man corpses. They notice that they appear to have been gnawed on.
  • The party starts exploring the side passages.
  • The party comes to a heavy metal door that is locked. They are unable to open it without making a lot of noise and taking a lot of time. They’ll come back to it later.
  • They continue on and encounter a ghoul. Atticus uses the magical trinket to drive it back. Cullen and Quintus…

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