DDO: Cracking back open the Fables of the Feywild

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The idea of returning to Dungeons and Dragons Online grew in popularity in my head in a matter of days, fueled by — no doubt — the recent update and 16th anniversary. Sixteen!?! Gads, we’re all so oooold. But notions are one thing; actually re-entering an MMO takes a bit more than whims.

First of all, I had to figure out where I left off in the Fables of the Feywild expansion (which, thanks to this blog, I was able to do quickly). Then I set aside a half-hour or so to sort out my over-stocked inventory, laden from all of the freebie dice rolls that I’d done over the last year. I picked out an outfit, leveled up my character (she’s now an 18 Artificer, if that needs to be stated for the record), stuffed a bunch of items in the bank, sold useless junk, arranged potions, remapped keys…

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