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Having begun to play a game ostensibly in the Wilderlands, the first session I ran was set in a dungeon. For the reasons I outlined yesterday, the Dungeoncrawl game structure is a great place to start. Of course, the easy criticism to make about starting a hexploration game in a dungeon is that you’re not hexploring.

My response is, “True. Not yet.”

When you begin to game in an open sandbox roleplaying game, especially with an Open Table format, you are not telling the players what the goals are. Of course, like any good game structure, the key benefit of the hexcrawl is that it provides a basic default goal and default action.

As The Alexandrian notes, in “Game Structures Part 6” on the Hexcrawl, the default goal of a hexcrawl is exploration and the default action is “pick a direction and go”. The key…

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